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About Us — Development Path

In 2017,

In response to the government's call to upgrade the industry, the company has invested more than 10 million yuan for 2018

The initial construction of "e-spirit technology building" will further enhance the competitiveness of the company's products

In 2014,

The company applies for "shenzhen high-tech enterprise"

Obtained "alibaba 10 years most honest member" certificate

The 16th China high-tech exchange conference smart city construction BBS

"Spirit passes e home" intelligent household faces global attraction to work to pull open prologue

The scale of the company further expanded, the marketing center, manufacturing base moved to shenzhen bao 'an district

The company won the award of "outstanding enterprise of science and technology innovation in China" and "famous brand of smart home in China"

In 2013,

Honorary member of shenzhen futian cultural industry association

Successfully participated in the 2013 Shanghai international intelligent building exhibition

The company "smart home e" new generation of smart home was successfully released on the market

The company successfully participated in the 2013 international elevator technology and spare parts interliftn exhibition in augsburg, Germany

The company has strategic cooperation with Swiss schindler, German thiessen, China mobile, vanke, wanda group and other companies

In 2012,

Set up JLT smart phone brand business division

The company introduces ISO9001 quality system and lean production

Successfully participated in guangzhou pazhou international elevator exhibition and national high-tech exchange meeting in 2012

In response to the construction of "smart city, smart community", the company held the national smart home BBS

In 2011,

Successfully participated in CES, dubai, Hong Kong and other international exhibitions

Set up Beijing branch, Shanghai branch, hangzhou branch, nanchang branch

Company elevator wireless intercom, smart home products to open southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other overseas markets

In 2010,

Undertake domestic elevator wireless intercom ODM business (r&d, production and manufacturing)

The company launched the first domestic DPMR intelligent Chinese elevator wireless intercom system

RF intelligent central control host and new intelligent remote control switch developed by the company have obtained national patents

In 2009,

"China global resources network quality supplier"

To become qualcomm, spreadtrum well-known chip manufacturers strategic partners

Developed the first FM duplex elevator radio intercom system in China

A technical research institute was established to develop intelligent home systems in cooperation with international institutions of higher learning

In 2008,

The company moved to huaqiang nanpeng building, futian district, shenzhen

Launched the first GSM elevator wireless intercom system in China

Company elevator wireless intercom system exports Singapore, Malaysia and other countries

In 2007,

Set up research and development center, engaged in mobile phone, elevator wireless intercom product research and development

Establish marketing center, easy spirit products into southeast Asia, South America market

In 2005,

Shenzhen e-spirit technology co., LTD was formally established

Obtained "alibaba international station certified supplier"

In 2003,

Mr. Meng zhigang formally founded the yi genie electronics factory

Obtained "alibaba China station certified supplier"

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