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JLT has already had successful cases of elevator wireless intercom, elevator five-party intercom and elevator wireless monitoring in all walks of life;
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Wuyishan international new city (order smart Chinese 38 sets)
Lishui central mansion (order 6 smart Chinese sets)
Quzhou City riverside moon bay (order smart Chinese 94)
Yanqing county badaling li gun village (order smart Chinese 98)
Qingdao poly lily garden (order 74 smart Chinese sets)
Xianning wenquan country garden (order smart Chinese 98 sets)
Xianning north country garden (order 28 smart Chinese sets)
Yujing huafu, luoshan county, xinyang city (54 intelligent Chinese stations)
Xu chang jinghu garden (order 16 smart Chinese sets)
Xia men third people's hospital (GSM19)
Yuquanju community, kaili city (intelligent Chinese 12)
Agricultural bank of Tibet ali (order smart Chinese 2 sets)
Service Hotline:0086-755 83274051
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