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JLT has already had successful cases of elevator wireless intercom, elevator five-party intercom and elevator wireless monitoring in all walks of life;
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Cases — Cases
Rucheng lanwan peninsula community (smart Chinese 6)
Jinqiao xintiandi, macheng city (smart Chinese 10)
Bijie city LAN yuan garden (smart Chinese 8)
Bijie mayor hongxingyuan community (smart Chinese 8)
Bijie city and county people's hospital (order 6 smart Chinese units)
Tianjin zhongyu cold storage (order 8 intelligent Chinese units)
Boogie sunshine garden (order 18 smart Chinese sets)
Taizhou shenghe Oriental mansion (order intelligent Chinese 12 sets)
Taizhou shengeach garden (order 15 unattended)
Hankou xincheng park family (order intelligent Chinese 12 sets)
Jingbian county energy management committee (digital display part 2)
Jingbian county jianye hotel (digital display unit 1)
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