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JLT has already had successful cases of elevator wireless intercom, elevator five-party intercom and elevator wireless monitoring in all walks of life;
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  • Shenzhen YJL Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Tel: 0086-755 83274051(Include 30 extensions)
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Area manager:Wayne
  • Tel:0086-755-83274051
  • Mobile Phone: +8613316919772
  • E-mail:sales@yjl.net.cn
  • WhatsApp:13316919772
Sales manager
Area manager:Viky Mo
  • Tel:0086-755-83274051
  • Mobile Phone: +8613927491996
  • E-mail:guophone@yjl.net.cn
  • WhatsApp:13927491996
Sales manager
Area manager:Sandra Wong
  • Tel:0086-755-83274051
  • Mobile Phone: +8618823334360
  • E-mail:service@yjl.net.cn
  • WhatsApp:18823334360
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1、First recommendation email consultation:

Dear users, if you have any problems with the use of the products, I suggest you send an email to , which is the most recognized after-sales service mode of smart pass at present. All the records of email exchanges have legal effect. We will response to you at the first time after demand, some common after-sale problems, for example to download firmware, flash, return and matters needing attention, the charging method, the problem such as the return address, we will be sent via email reply, mail way at the same time can easily query all of your needs, thank you very much for your support.
2、Company customer serviceQQ

Note: we will respond to your after-sales service requirements within ten minutes. This after-sales service method does not promise to send you the firmware and other documents. Please try your best to put forward the after-sales demand to our company by email.
3、Aliwangwang: customer service of spritong brand:after-sales?
Note: we will respond to your after-sales demand of aliwangwang within ten minutes, and this after-sales method does not promise to send you the requirements of operation and other documents, please try to put forward the after-sales demand to our company by email.
4、Complaint email:

Service hours are as follows:
8:00-0:00 (Local time) from Monday to Saturday
Holidays 9:00-18:00 (Local time)

Service Hotline:0086-755 83274051
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