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JLT has already had successful cases of elevator wireless intercom, elevator five-party intercom and elevator wireless monitoring in all walks of life;
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Elevator radio intercom system
Elevator wireless intercom is divided into digital elevator wireless intercom, FM full duplex wireless intercom and GSM elevator wireless intercom. One host can control part of the 4000 machines, leading elevator wireless intercom technology

1、System introduction

        JLT-DIntelligent Chinese elevator wireless intercom system is the tenth generation of products jointly developed by shenzhen e-spirit technology co., ltd. and shenzhen university research institute, usingDPMR digital + intelligent wireless chip processing technology, is the first intelligent wireless Chinese intercom products!

This system adopts intelligent Chinese wireless transmission mode, with strong anti-interference, stronger stability, and better voice quality! Further communication distance! Full function upgrade more powerful! For the vast monitoring and management center to provide a set of feasible, the highest cost ratio of the five elevator call system scheme!


2、Product Advantage

 Smart smart Chinese elevator wireless intercom system, compared with other manufacturers of elevator intercom products, this product has 15 advantages:

1、Transmission mode: adopt intelligent wireless +DPMR communication protocol, pure digital wireless signal transmission.

2、Communication distance: up to 6km, not affected by weather, actual distance test before shipment.

3、Lightning protection effect: the main engine and extension adopt lightning protection design, which conforms to JGJ/ t16-92 civil building electrical design specification.

4、Coding function: users can modify the elevator number and upgrade the software.

5、Group call function: the main engine in the control room calls all elevators with one key, and can talk to each other during group call.

6、Recording function: voice recording, car comfort voice, elevator number voice broadcast.

7、Interface mode: extension adopts plug and pull interface, which is firm and reliable.

8、Call forwarding: support call forwarding (unattended function), can connect microphone or speaker as needed.

9、System expansion: the host can be controlled at most5000elevators,one extension can take up to4 many elevators。

10、Encryption function: frequency+software+digit+Encoding quadruple encryption function,Ensure that products do not interfere with each other.

11、Display function: hd LCD Chinese+Display unit no. Elevator no. For digital precision calls.

12、Memory function: the call has saved the record, convenient afterwards inquiry.

13、One-key call: one-key call of elevator car, without any other operation, the host can dial back any elevator.

14、Product appearance: independent research and development of the design scheme, ergonomic design of the atmosphere appearance, independent mold production.

15、Accessories performance: UPS power supply with over voltage over current protection, can continue the power for 48 hours, car interphone use anti-interference design, very good effect.

Second、Function introduction of intelligent Chinese elevator wireless intercom system

1、System function description

     When abnormal happens during the use of the elevator, the passenger in the elevator gently presses”One key sends a call signal to the duty room.The duty room host will be sent out immediately

"Elevator call" voice and display the elevator number synchronously,When the operator on duty hears the voice of the elevator, press the "confirm" button to communicate with the elevator operator

After determining the location of the faulty elevator, immediately arrange rescue.

     When elevator maintenance, through the machine room telephone, car top sub-machine, pit sub-machine, one-click call, can timely and cage, monitoring room and other five parties to talk to each other,

convenient elevator maintenance, also conducive to safety.

One-click automatic alarm, voice recording playback, no need for other operations, safe, fast and efficient; Monitoring center alarm sound, call display, voice prompt can be the first time to know the specific elevator; Caller id function can display accurately“Elevator no. XX, unit XX, building XX”。

When no one is on duty in the monitoring center, the call of any party in the elevator can be automatically transferred to the five sets of telephone Numbers set up in advance (such as the management office telephone number, the telephone number of the reception room, the telephone number of the maintenance personnel, the mobile phone of the property security, and the mobile phone of the property manager). Make sure you can receive call-back calls under any circumstances.

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