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In the life indispensable elevator wireless intercom system — Company News
In the life indispensable elevator wireless intercom system
Simply speaking, the elevator wireless intercom system means the property duty room to the elevator room, car roof, car, bottom pit (any 1 of the 4 parties) wireless communication: no wiring, completely through wireless signal transmission.

    Elevator radio intercom systemIn brief, it is the wireless communication between the property duty room and the elevator room, car roof, car and bottom pit (any 1 of the 4 parties) : no wiring is required, and it is completely transmitted through wireless signals.


    Elevator wireless intercom system is the fifth generation of elevator wireless intercom intelligent elevator call system, the system host and extension using digital control technology, one of the host can talk with 5000 elevators, the host can number for each elevator, the host can group call, patrol inspection, call query, call prompt.


    Wireless extension can take up to 5 elevators and elevator call each host has separate recordings and separate coding, the main engine calls can be seamless link and monitoring system, the host data interface can be connected to the microcomputer, complete computer of classes, network monitoring INTNET regulation, this system is optimized design according to customer's use habit, its characteristic is as follows:

    First, call


    When the elevator is shut down or the power is cut off, the elevator passenger may press the "call" button to send the call signal to the duty room.




    1. One-click automatic alarm and voice recording for passengers, no other operation is required.


    2. Manage the call location and warning with digital and voice prompts of the center.


    3、Multi-channel extension each elevator has a separate recording, separate coding, the duty room can easily identify which elevator call.


    Third, advantages


    One-button call, convenient and fast, from the end of the elevator to the center without wiring saves a lot of expensive line costs; Saving the high construction cost of line laying; The position of monitoring center can be adjusted as needed without any line adjustment. The whole system construction is very simple, short construction period, quick effect; The wireless range covers a wide range, with strong anti-interference ability and clear sound quality within a radius of 3 km.



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