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How elevator card works — Company News
How elevator card works
In modern society, with the rapid development of science and technology and economy, various kinds of CARDS also appear in people's life, such as: medical card, membership card, VIP card, insurance card, room card, etc., with the rapid development of these CARDS, there are IC card and ID card and other types. As for the elevator, I believe we are all familiar with it. It is an indispensable equipment in our daily life. In order to facilitate residents to use the elevator, there are also elevator IC CARDS.

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How elevator card works

       1. Swipe the card to arrive at the designated floor. At the time the card is issued, authorize the cardholder access to the floor. When in use, when the user enters the elevator and swifs the card on the card reader, the main control board of access control determines whether the card is useful and has the right to reach the floor. After the signal is converted into the start of the relay through the output conversion board, the corresponding floor button is actively pressed, and the elevator can go to the designated floor. At this point, the no card user button is invalid, restricting the illegal ride in the elevator.



2. After swiping the card, register the authority of the button, and manually press the button to reach the floor you want to go to. If the card is not swiped, the buttons of other floors will be confirmed except the buttons of the public floor (such as 1st floor, -1 floor, etc.). After swiking the card, the button of the authorized floor of the elevator access control registration, namely, the relay conducting button corresponding to the button of the authorized floor is useful. When the user presses the button of the authorized floor, the elevator will start to operate. Unauthorized floor buttons are invalid.

3, exchange visits function. When the card is issued, the authorized user can also authorize exchange visits to other floors. For example, in addition to the authorized registration on the 16th floor, the user on the 16th floor can also request registration on the 12th, 13th and 15th floors. When direct credit card in the elevator, the elevator is directly to the user to the 16th floor, if users want to visit in 13 floor, the brother of the visits of the elevator button first, at the moment the elevator transformation to the registration authority not active button, and then swipe, elevator registration 12, 13, 16 floor button, the user presses the 13th floor, the elevator reached 13 floor can bring to the user.

4, temporary visitors function. Temporary visitors can be issued temporary CARDS. The useful time period, useful floors, useful elevators and useful card swiping times can be authorized when the card is issued. It is useful to use the card within the scope of authorization. The information is loaded into the main control board by the processing computer. When the temporary visitor disengages, the card can be returned and the authority of the temporary card can be cancelled.

5. Handle security card. For one-time visitors or some special visitors, the security guard can swipe the card and register the elevator floor for them. Security card permissions can also be authorized by the handler.

6. Special condition of one ladder and two doors. Access control hardware reserved two card reader interface, in some double-sided door elevator, can be installed at both ends of the card reader, more convenient to use!

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