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50 questions and answers for elevator maintenance professionals — Company News
50 questions and answers for elevator maintenance professionals
In order to prevent the elevator from being damaged or causing casualties due to improper use, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management of the elevator. Safety education, safety management of lift personnel, safety management of lift trapped people rescue. And take a qualified annual inspection of the elevator.


1. Q: how are elevators checked?

Answer: after elevator is installed by construction unit, the technical standard that should set by the country and quality standard undertake accepting acceptance. During the acceptance inspection, the construction unit shall submit the acceptance inspection materials to the property management company.

2. Q: what is the elevator information?

Answer: elevator factory certificate, performance test, operation record, installation and operation instruction. Also has the elevator principle diagram, the installation diagram and so on.

Q: how do you manage elevator equipment?

Answer: after the experience of the elevator equipment is qualified, it will be managed by the property management company and can be put into use at the same time. The elevator manager of the engineering department of the property management company shall establish the elevator file and keep it properly. The elevator that does not pass acceptance, property management company cannot take over absolutely.

Q: why is elevator safety so important?

Answer: to prevent elevator because use improper cause damage or cause casualty accident, must strengthen the use safety management of elevator.

5. Q: what are the main features of elevator safety management?

Answer: safety education, safety management of lift personnel, safety management of lift trapped people rescue. And take a qualified annual inspection of the elevator.

6. Q: why are insulation pads laid before and after the distribution cabinet?

Answer: basically because protect the safety of operator, have electrify work, maintain equal potential, won't have electric burn.

7. Q: why do elevator maintenance personnel strictly follow the operation rules?

Answer: in order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, maintenance personnel can be on duty only after passing the unified examination of the relevant departments. The elevator manager of the equipment department of the property management company is responsible for formulating and supervising the implementation of the safety operation rules for elevator personnel. Code content is: ensure the normal operation of elevators, improve service quality, prevent accidents.



8. Q: what are the necessary operating procedures for elevator safety?

Answer :(1) each time open hall door into the cage, must make a trial run, determine the normal time can be manned.

(2) if the elevator fails in operation, press the stop button and alarm bell immediately. And promptly request repairs.

(3) in case of power failure, passengers are not allowed to open the door of the car on the uneven floor of the elevator, and contact external assistance in time.

(4) oversized and overweight goods are prohibited.

(5) it is forbidden to open the hall door during operation.

(6) when the work is finished, stop the elevator at the base station, cut off the power supply and close the hall door.

9. Q: why should the elevator be in trouble?

Answer: the main purpose of the rescue work is to ensure the safety of the passengers. In case of failure, the elevator personnel should first inform the elevator maintenance personnel and management personnel. If the maintenance personnel and management personnel have not arrived for 10 minutes, the trained rescue personnel in the equipment department can try to release the trapped passengers according to different conditions.

Q: why are procedures for rescuing people in trouble in elevators?

Answer: it is to ensure the safety of operators and passengers, and to regulate the rescue work of trapped people, so as to ensure the safety of passengers is the purpose of the rescue work of trapped people.

Q: what are the rescue steps?

Answer: when the elevator is in trouble, the elevator manager or rescue workers will contact the trapped people through the intercom or Shouting. They must keep calm and wait for the rescue workers. Trapped persons are not allowed to extend any part of their body out of the cage. If the door is ajar, the elevator manager should try to close the door completely. Accurately determine the cage position, make rescue preparations, maintenance personnel arrived according to the floor light, PC display, floor selector bar or open the hall door to determine the cage position, and then try to rescue passengers.

12. Q: why are rescue orders and methods prescribed?

Answer :(1) rescue operation when the car stops close to the elevator

(1) turn off the power switch in the machine room.

(2) with a special key to open the door.

(3) in the cage top slowly open the door with human power.

Assist passengers out of the car.

5. Re-close the hall door.

(2) rescue operation when the car is far away from the elevator

(1) enter the machine room, turn off the power switch of the fault elevator.

(2) remove the end cover of the motor shaft, press the upper knob and knob.

(3) the rescue personnel firmly hold the knob, another rescue personnel, holding the brake release rod, gently pry open the brake, pay attention to observe the flat sign, make the car gradually move to the nearest door (0.5m) until.

(4) when confirming that the brake brake is correct, let go of the disk driver wheel. Then the rescue is carried out according to the method listed in (1).

In case of other complicated situation, please ask elevator company to help rescue. At the end of the rescue, the elevator manager shall fill in the rescue records and file them. The purpose of this work is to accumulate rescue experience.

Q: what are the features of elevators?

Answer: elevator also call lift. Is the vertical direction of the transport equipment, is an indispensable transport equipment in high-rise buildings. It USES electricity to pull a car that can carry people or objects up and down the building's well rails.

Q: what are the components of an elevator?

Answer: elevator generally consists of five parts :(1) well and machine room; (2) transmission part (3) lifting part; (4) safety devices; (5) control part.

Q: what role does the elevator shaft and engine room play?

Answer: this is the building part of normal operation requirement of elevator, the route that formulates drive etc.

Q: what are the transmission parts of an elevator?

Answer: the transmission part is the traction machine, mainly composed of motor and wire rope.

Q: what does a lift include?

Answer: lifting equipment generally includes cage, weight, balance chain, guide rail, hall.

Q: how do elevator safety devices form?

A: safety devices generally include speed reducing devices and electrical safety equipment. Lock, speed limiter, safety clamp, buffer, etc.

Q: what does the elevator control include?

A: the control part usually refers to the electrical control equipment and necessary lines, including the control cabinet, excitation cabinet and layer selector, etc.

Q: what is the purpose of the tractor?

Answer: commonly known as reducer. It is installed in the machine room, generally on the top floor of the building, is the elevator traction device, it through the traction wheel through the wire rope traction cage and weight operation

Q: what are the components of the elevator traction unit?

Answer: mainly composed of worm gear reducer, rope wheel, motor, backrest wheel, lock, base, etc.



Q: hall security systems

Answer: the elevator door on each floor is equipped with mechanical locks and electrical contacts. Most of the passenger ladders open and close doors automatically, which is completed by the rubber reels on the hall door driven by the door knife on the cage door, while the cage door is driven by the door opening and closing device on the cage.

Q: what is the elevator ceiling?

A: the top of the shaft is the engine room, where maintenance workers work. Therefore, the roof must be closed to completely isolate the well from the engine room.

Q: what equipment is available in the elevator room?

A: the machine room is used for the installation of tractor, electric control panel, speed limiter, etc. The machine room may be located at the top or bottom of the well.

Q: how many types of elevators are there?

Answer: elevator kind is various, can undertake classification according to different requirement, if press use property cent passenger ladder, goods ladder, passenger goods amphibious ladder to wait.

Q: what is the speed of the elevator?

Answer: the elevator divides into generally according to the speed: high speed elevator, high speed elevator and low speed elevator.

Q: what is the standard for high-speed elevators?

Answer: high speed elevator speed in 2 m/s above, some call it a class ladder.

Q: what is the standard for fast elevators?

Answer: fast elevator speed is 1.5m/s above, some call it class b elevator.

Q: what is the standard for low speed elevators?

A: low speed elevators are above 1.O1m/s. Some are called class c elevators.

30. Q: what is an exchange elevator?

A: ac elevator USES ac elevator tractor. Cargo ladders and sundries ladders are generally ac driven.

Q: what is a dc elevator?

Answer: dc elevator, because of its start, change speed, leveling, parking relatively smooth, fast running speed, used for high-rise and higher requirements of the place. Dc elevator is divided into dc fast elevator and dc high speed elevator.

Q: what are the general categories of elevators according to control?

Answer: the elevator presses the control way classification, generally divides into the semi-automatic elevator and the automatic elevator.

Q: what are the semi-automatic elevator controls?

Answer :(l) hand-operated self-leveling elevator -- an elevator with automatic horizontal level, which is controlled by the handle switch inside the car. Most goods elevators fall into this category.

(2) push button self-leveling elevator -- it is an elevator with automatic leveling device controlled by push button. It is mostly used for goods elevator and sundry goods elevator.

(3) self-leveling and self-opening elevators -- the above two elevators with automatic opening and closing devices.

Q: what are the types of escalator controls?

Answer :(1) signal control elevator, in addition to the automatic horizontal floor self-opening action, and with internal and external layer selection, automatic direction, straight stop car performance. The elevator needs to be operated by a driver.

(2) in addition to the performance of signal control elevator, it can also be operated without a driver. Therefore, it is necessary to add the reverse vehicle intercept link of out-of-hall call.

(3) the next set of control elevator is used for driverless ac and dc elevators. The basic working state is the same as the set selection. The only difference is that the hall only responds to the outgoing and downward call signal.

Q: what is the model of the elevator?

Answer: the so-called model number is a group of letters and Numbers to express the main contents of the basic specifications of the elevator in a simple and clear way. China's ministry of construction standard "JJ4S - 86 elevator, hydraulic elevator product model compilation method", stipulated the compilation method of elevator model.

Q: what is a smart elevator?

A: intelligent elevator is the use of reasoning and fuzzy logic, the method to develop the knowledge base of expert system is used to determine the most suitable for the reality of the rules, and rules of selected for further processing to determine the best elevator running, at the same time immediately communicate the information to passengers and passengers from physical and psychological conditions and requirements to meet the demand of efficient transport.

Q: what is elevator comfort?

Answer: when the elevator car speeds up or slows down, the mass of the internal organs of the body presses down on the pelvis, making the whole body feel overweight. As the car accelerates downward or decelerates upward, the abdominal muscles that support the gut lose some of their weight, creating a sense of weightlessness. The result of this visceral ascension is compression of the chest, lungs, heart, etc. Because this part is different from the pelvis, there is no big reaction force, so the heart, lungs, stomach and other discomfort, and even dizziness.

Q: why does the elevator go up and down?

Answer: mainly by traction drive is to borrow the friction between the traction wire rope and the traction wheel groove to transmit the elevator car and the vertical operation of the transmission force.

Q: what are the main safety systems for elevators?

Answer: the braking function of all instantaneous safety pliers all adopt the principle of self-locking clamping. Therefore, the design of clamping mechanism must accord with the self-locking clamping condition. The self-locking clamping condition of the model means that under the condition of no external force, the force of the system can be balanced by the friction between the module and the guide rail

Q: why are elevators rated?

A: the maximum calculated weight of the lift is called the rated load of the lift. The rated load capacity of the elevator does not include the weight of the car and the equipment fixed to the car. If it is overweight, there will be no safety factors.

Q: why are there scrap standards for steel ropes?

Answer: whether the degree of steel rope wear is suitable to continue using the scrap standard called steel rope; The scrap standard for steel rope in use is the number of obvious breaks of the steel rope within a male length corresponding to the length of the longitudinal twist of the steel rope.

Q: what is the function of elevator electrical equipment?

Answer: the electric equipment of the elevator is to point to the motor that elevator device USES, electric equipment, instrument and electric wiring integral character. To drive the elevator, that is, the car that carries or loads people up or down, is done by an electrical drive. An electric drive consists of an electric motor or several motors. The electric drive converts electrical energy from the grid into mechanical energy that runs in the cage.

Q: what is the smoothness of an elevator?

Answer: the smoothness of elevator operation means that when the car starts to operate, its operation and parking do not make passengers feel uncomfortable and do not generate extra load on the machine.

Q: what's wrong with the elevator?

Answer: one kind is the mechanical fault, mainly is the traction machine and other transmission equipment fault; The other kind is the electrical fault, mainly is the power supply, the motor, the control circuit each component's fault.

Q: what does the elevator buffer do?

A: the buffer is the elevator safety device that provides the last kind of safety protection.

Q: what is the safety clamp?

Answer: in the cage (on the weight) in the sudden situation, can guide the clamping, at the same time brake the car, and the car on the guide rail firmly hold, to ensure the personal safety of the car

Q: what does the speed limiter do?

A: a speed limiter is a device that controls the speed of the car. When the cage reaches the limit speed, the cage (weight) speed limiter starts to operate and ACTS as a safety clamp, forcing it to clamp the guide rail and brake the cage. It can guarantee the safety of coupes and ladders.

Q: what is the function of the switch?

A: the switch is used to close and cut several electrical circuits simultaneously. Y Ⅱ universal switch used most widely.

Q: what does the contactor do?

A: contactors are used to remotely close and disconnect electrical circuits. The electric contact of the contactor is closed by electromagnetic system. Contactor is divided into ac contactor and dc contactor, which mainly control the start and stop of equipment.

Q: what is the purpose of an electromagnetic relay?

A: the electromagnetic relay is used for switching the electrical equipment in the control circuit. Like a contactor, the relay closes in a magnetic system with a moving iron and contact system.


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