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50 questions and answers for elevator maintenance professionals (part 2) — Company News
50 questions and answers for elevator maintenance professionals (part 2)
In order to prevent the elevator from being damaged or causing casualties due to improper use, it is necessary to strengthen the safety management of the elevator. Safety education, safety management of lift personnel, safety management of lift trapped people rescue. And take a qualified annual inspection of the elevator.



Q: what does the selector do?

A: the selector is used to automatically select the direction of the car. After pressing the start button of the elevator, it can also be used to automatically stop the car on the specified floor and to display the light of the car's position in the elevator shaft.

Q: what is the function of the terminal switch (limit switch)?

A: the terminal switch is configured in the elevator shaft to protect the car from lifting beyond the allowable level range. There are two terminal switches in the stairwell: one slightly above the upper floor, the other slightly below the ground floor. Acting on these terminal switches deactivates the power-off device fixed to the cage.

Q: what are the categories of brake electromagnets?

A: according to the type of power supply, the electromagnet is divided into dc and ac; According to the core rated stroke value can be divided into long stroke and short stroke. Guarantee of automatic stable safety of elevator.

Q: what are the types of elevator doors?

Answer: point to the structure type of elevator door. Can be divided into the door, the side of the open door, the door and so on.



Q: how do I check the locking device?

Answer: check the locking and closing of each floor. If one floor door or any door of multiple floors is opened under normal operation, the elevator shall not start or continue to operate. When the locking part of the locking device is less than 7mm, the elevator shall not start.

Q: how do I check the alarm and emergency functions?

Answer: check the car alarm, intercom system, telephone and other emergency alarm devices, and the management department within the building should be able to respond in time, in order to emergency call for help. If not immediately contact weak current maintenance.

Q: how to check the wire rope?

Answer: basically be to drag the diameter after the rope should check its wear away should not be less than 90% of original diameter, whether to have break wire, break a phenomenon. The force of each traction rope should be similar, and its deviation should not be more than 5%. For the extension of the traction rope, it should be decided whether to cut the traction rope and other wire rope according to the crossing of buffer.

Q: how to check mechanical brakes?

Answer: when the car is loaded with rated load and running at rated speed down and up, the elevator should be effectively brake without additional delay after breaking the release circuit of the brake.

Q: how do I check the safety of the speed limiter?

Answer: answer the lead seal that should check its to adjust speed place above all, whether to have move, check its rope wheel, shaft, linkage device, clip rope device to wait to have without wear away, corrosion and bilge accumulation and affect its to be in at any time but action state. Check the electrical safety device to stop the elevator tractor when the speed limiter operates.

Q: how to check buffer?

A: the check of the buffer should be made by contacting and compacting the buffer completely when the cage is empty or has been slowed down to check whether it has any permanent deformation or damage.

Q: what are the main parts of the quarterly inspection of elevators?

A: quarterly inspection is mainly aimed at the main equipment in the machine room, such as checking whether there is abnormal noise when the tractor is running; Whether the reducer leaks oil and the temperature rise of the reducer and traction motor; Reliable braking condition of tractor brake; Whether the feedback signal of the speed feedback device has changed; Whether the speed limiter is flexible and reliable; Whether the operation of electrical components in the control cabinet is reliable; Limit switch action is reliable, etc.

Q: what are the main aspects of the elevator's annual inspection?

A: the annual inspection is to check the overall performance and safety facilities of the elevator during operation. The performance of the machine should include ride comfort, running vibration, noise, running speed and level accuracy.

Q: what should I pay attention to in elevator maintenance?

Answer: when maintenance personnel use the emergency floor door key to open the floor door, ready to enter the shaft cage top, should concentrate, clear mind. Maintenance personnel quickly into the cage, pay attention not to linger at the door interface. At the same time, put the maintenance switch of the car top maintenance box on, absolutely do not allow the car top maintenance personnel to command the car personnel to operate the elevator maintenance work.

Q: what are the acceptance criteria?

Answer: the specific technology standard that accepts presses a country is active norm, standard executive.

Q: what are the key inspection areas and basic requirements for acceptance?

A :(1) the traction machine runs smoothly, with no excessive vibration and noise, and no leakage in the oil tank.

(2) the deviation between track gauge and verticality is not out of standard;

(3) wire rope tension should be balanced without collision, and the car should run smoothly and accurately.

(4) door opening noise does not exceed standard;

(5) all parts of the safety device, the most important is the door lock, speed limiter, limit and limit switch should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

(6) good grounding and qualified insulation of electrical devices;

(7) the height of the machine room, the height of the top floor and the depth of the bottom pit meet the standards, etc.

Q: what are the maintenance management requirements?

Answer :(1) with qualified maintenance personnel, with the post certificate;

(2) make maintenance rules and maintenance plans for elevators;

(3) regular inspection for timely fault detection and maintenance;

(4) pay attention to the management of door and key to prevent man-made damage.

Q: why are elevators maintained?

Answer: because the elevator is a special equipment, there are problems at any time, in order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator to carry out planned maintenance, maintenance, special maintenance, etc.

Q: why are elevators undergoing medium or heavy repairs and what are the standards?

Answer: due to the elevator operation for several years, the elevator components have different aging, the safety factor is relatively reduced, according to the special management of the elevator, according to the operation of the elevator in a planned medium repair, overhaul. In order to ensure the safety of the elevator.

Q: what are the standards for medium lift repairs?

Answer: elevator medium repairs to point to elevator runs to undertake comprehensive overhaul maintains after long time, cycle is fixed for 3 years commonly. However, the second cycle is the overhaul cycle. If the overhaul is needed, the medium repair can be exempted.

Q: what are the standards for elevator overhaul?

Answer: elevator overhaul is to point to to continue to run 3 years after medium repair time, because the equipment wears badly need to replace host and more electromechanical fittings, in order to restore the original performance of the equipment and carry out thorough maintenance.

Q: why are elevators being upgraded?

Answer: continuous operation of the elevator for more than 15 years, such as the main engine and other accessories wear and tear serious, can not be restored and can not be replaced (the old model has been eliminated), it is necessary to update or reform

Q: what qualities do elevator maintenance personnel need?

Answer: elevator is a set of machinery, electrical high-tech equipment, elevator maintenance workers are also a technology-intensive work, maintenance technicians should have clear requirements: (l) understand the technical requirements, quality standards, acceptance specifications; (2) proficient in the principle and structure of elevator equipment, familiar with the performance and drawings of the elevator.

Q: why do elevator technical files need to be kept?

Answer: the management of technical file data generally refers to the management of equipment original data and maintenance management data. After each elevator is taken over, a technical file shall be established. Mainly include:

(l) elevator acceptance documents, including acceptance records, test records, certificates of products and accessories, elevator order contracts, installation contracts, equipment installation drawings and building structure drawings, etc.

(2) equipment registration form, which mainly records various basic parameters and performance parameters of the equipment.

(3) records of overhaul and medium repair projects, which include the time, frequency and maintenance contents of overhaul and medium repair, etc.

(4) accident records, etc.

Q: what are the elevator maintenance materials?

Answer: the elevator maintenance data refers to some maintenance records including the report form, operation record, census record, operation monthly report and so on.

Q: what is the role of elevator safety management?

Answer: elevator is a kind of transportation equipment, itself has certain danger. Its maintenance work has the characteristics of high-altitude work and live work, so the safety work is very important, so it is necessary to establish a strict safety management system.

Q: why are elevator drivers and maintenance workers licensed to work?

Answer: according to government concerned regulation, elevator operation belongs to special operation, elevator driver and maintenance worker should hold card to mount guard after unified examination.



Q: how are maintenance workers managed?

Answer: the casualty accident of elevator work great majority is elevator service worker, because this is very important to the safety management of elevator service worker. In order to run safely and maintain the quality first in the maintenance process, it is necessary to conduct pre-service training for maintenance workers, so that maintenance personnel are familiar with the basic maintenance procedures and technical standards, fault inspection and troubleshooting methods.

Q: what are the maintenance requirements?

Answer :(1) make good "elevator maintenance safety operation rules";

(2) strictly abide by the operating procedures;

(3) insist on post assessment and technical grade assessment, and conduct technical training on a regular basis.

Q: what are the safety management measures for elevator equipment?

Answer: the elevator equipment is in good condition, so it is necessary to make safety management measures.

(1) when using elevator equipment, the reliability of such equipment must be checked frequently;

(2) conduct operation test and overall performance test of safety mechanism regularly;

(3) fire prevention, waterproof and anti-theft.

80. Q: why are there guidelines for taking the escalator?

A: in order to ensure the normal operation of elevators and prevent accidents, the relevant regulations for those who take elevators are usually known as "instructions for taking elevators" and are made public in the elevators. Is to ensure the safety of the necessary means, let everyone take good care of elevator equipment and facilities, to ensure the safety of ride.

Q: what does it cost to operate the elevator?

Answer: to ensure the normal operation of the elevator and must pay the costs, including the elevator driver and maintenance workers wages, bonuses, the elevator management fees, electricity costs and maintenance materials.

Q: what is safety accountability?

Answer: normal and safe operation of elevator and the life quality of people are closely related, property management enterprise ought to be in charge of safe management work, want to establish safe responsibility system, the responsible person that causes accident of major person, equipment should do serious, serious investigation processing.

Q: what are the operating facilities of the car roof maintenance operating device?

Answer :(1) the transition switch of normal operation and overhaul operation is used to change the motion state.

(2) emergency stop switch, red. Used to stop elevator operation in emergency, it should meet the requirements of safety contact, bistable, with self-locking function.

(3) inching maintenance operation buttons up and down. Used for up-and-down operation of maintenance condition.

(4) priority principle of car roof control. All safety devices shall be in operation during maintenance of the elevator.

Q: what should I pay attention to when using hand-held power tools?

Answer: (1) there are special custody

(2) to check regularly

Must use leakage protection device

(4) in the work must be set up alone switch, not a multi-purpose brake.

Q: who is involved in the elevator hazard?

Answer: (1) use personnel;

(2) maintenance personnel;

(iii) inspectors;

(4) relevant party personnel.

Q: what is the professional ethics of elevator installation and maintenance personnel?

Answer :(1) active and enthusiastic service, establish safe first thought. To ensure the safety of passengers and themselves, to ensure the safety of equipment. Discipline and relevant regulations.

(2) consciously implement national standards and safe operating procedures. Cherish facilities and company property. Work hard to learn professional skills and do your job well.

Q: what should elevator maintenance personnel pay attention to during the shift?

Answer: fill in the maintenance of all sorts of regulations, maintain and inspect patrol record; The unfinished work should be explained to the succession personnel directly and clearly, and the situation should be indicated in the handover record; The work site that cannot continue the construction for the time being should be properly handled and checked to ensure that no accident will occur before leaving the post.

Q: what are the common reasons why elevators cannot close their doors?

Answer: the door button of the operation panel is damaged; External call button no longer bit; Operation panel no longer open the button; Safety contact switch is damaged; Optoelectronic (optical eye) protection device alignment deviation; Overload switch action; The protection state of elevator fault safety protection function;

Q: why does the elevator close automatically?

Answer: each floor door should have automatic closing device, when the car is not on the floor, can automatically close the floor door.

Q: what does the brake check for?

Answer :(1) adjust the brake spring to ensure the level of accuracy and comfort;

(2) adjust the clean iron core and add an appropriate amount of lubricant;

(3) brake tile wear exceeds 1/4 of the original thickness or rivet exposed should be replaced.

Q: what is an electrical fire?

Answer: electric fire: it is electric circuit short circuit, overload, ground resistance increase, equipment insulation aging, electric circuit produce spark or arc, and operator or maintenance personnel violate rules to cause.

Q: what are the methods of fire protection in the event of an electrical fire?

Answer: (1) should pay attention to the electrical equipment fire, should first power off, and then fire, and timely alarm. (2) if you can not cut off the power supply, should immediately take the electrified fire extinguishing method, choose carbon dioxide, dry powder fire extinguishing agent such as non-conductive fire extinguishing agent. Fire extinguishers and human bodies should keep a safe distance of more than 0.7M from charged bodies below 10KV.

Q: how do you manage the elevator maintenance company?

Answer: according to the contract, we should distinguish the responsibilities, supervise and manage the maintenance quality, establish the elevator management system, and promote the maintenance company to conduct self-inspection and self-inspection on the service, so as to ensure the safe operation of the elevator equipment.

Q: why do elevators trap people?

Answer: there are two main, elevator car door light curtain failure will cause clip people, the main safety circuit failure caused by failure; The elevator opens for too long, forcing the door to close and trapping people.

Q: what should I do if the elevator is stuck?

Answer: first confirm that the elevator is safe, do not panic, press the alarm bell and contact the central control personnel, through customer service to inform the maintenance personnel, do not arbitrarily open the car door out of the ladder, to prevent falling, causing casualties. (or by phone; Or slap the door and call for help.)

Q: what should I pay attention to when moving things in an elevator?

Answer: when carrying things to the elevator car, must be careful to put, put all say, do not collision car door, car wall and car top; Transport sand coating, etc. shall not be scattered in the cage; It is not allowed to transport ultra-long articles; Do not use objects to jam the door.

Q: how to take good care of elevators?

A: no smoking is allowed in the elevator, and dangerous goods are not allowed to be carried. Don't use the elevator in case of fire. Keep the car clean and do not spit. Consciously protect the inside and outside of the car button to ensure the normal use of the elevator. Do not squeeze the door of the car to prevent accidents.

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