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JLT has already had successful cases of elevator wireless intercom, elevator five-party intercom and elevator wireless monitoring in all walks of life;
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Based on bluetooth and mobile data communications technology union of maintenance management system is designed specifically for the above problems and the development, maintenance management system by DAU with bluetooth data acquisition equipment, TMCS communication server, handheld terminal equipment maintenance, the background of cloud server, client APP, to the late maintenance of the enterprise to provide a visual, remote, intelligent and networked management platform. Platform provides the background condition remote monitoring, maintenance, spare parts management evaluation, maintenance order management distribution, maintenance records, failure debugging, remote assistance, and maintenance personnel management, customer evaluation management function module, through the platform to realize the management, maintenance party, customer use three-way interaction, interactive mode not only increase the customers for their trust and rely on, but also reduce the uncertainty of the state of the manufacturer to product and is not controllable.


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