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Port terminal digital wireless intercom program analysis! — Company News
Port terminal digital wireless intercom program analysis!
Some large ports have established their own proprietary digital wireless intercom systems, but in some small and medium-sized ports, conventional multi-channel wireless communication systems are built in the early stage, with the continuous expansion of port business

Port digital radio intercom

Port wharf is the connection point between sea and land, sky and land. The prosperity of port wharf economy depends on its well-ordered management and dispatch, which cannot be separated from the guarantee of professional communication. At present, some large ports have established their own proprietary digital wireless intercom system, but in some small and medium-sized port in the early stage of the construction is conventional multi-channel wireless communication system, with the constant expansion of port business, conventional multi-channel wireless communication system cannot meet the demand of daily speech communication and scheduling management, cluster need to build professional wireless digital communication system.


Port demand

The newly built wireless intercom system must be a digital wireless intercom system and a special wireless communication scheduling network within the port area. It belongs to private network. The construction of multi-channel digital trunking communication system should not only ensure the daily production scheduling communication needs of each port department, but also meet the port emergency communication needs.

Job characteristics

There are several working departments in the port, which not only need to ensure frequent communication within each department, but also need to ensure the communication needs between different departments, and at the same time, it can also meet the command and dispatch communication from the top down of leaders in the port. Generally, ports have container handling group, door crane instructor group, comprehensive control group, dispatching group, engineering maintenance group, tally group and so on. The working characteristics of port communication are as follows:

1. The wireless intercom communication system is used for production scheduling, which is related to the work efficiency of the port. It must be a professional and proprietary wireless digital trunking communication system, and support the hot backup of the system;

2. The scope of work is wide, with different working groups and different activity areas in the port. The wireless digital cluster communication mode must be able to solve the scheduling communication problem in the region to the maximum extent;

3. Large call volume, frequent voice communication in the port, and more communication in some communication groups with large task. The efficient private network communication in the cluster can guarantee efficient communication feedback in a very short time, and is a powerful assistant to solve problems quickly.

Have the function

According to planning requirements, port communication calls are mainly concentrated in the departments of internal communication, different departments, the exchange of communication and leadership in different regions of the three aspects and the system should be limited to the cluster communication between terminals, the terminal shall also has the ability of traffic with local, so wireless digital trunking communication system should has the following features:

1. A call

Individual call is the point-to-point call form in the cluster system. The cluster terminal dials individual call sign to make individual call. Other users are not disturbed. The cluster system automatically accepts the calling route immediately when the call is successful, and prompts the called user to shut down or be busy when the call fails. The mobile terminal can dynamically display the calling party number and group number during the call.

2. Group calling

Group calling is intercom point to multipoint contact form under the cluster system, cluster terminal callsign FaQiZu call dial group, group will call for the same department, across different departments and levels of the different user calls under unified to the same channel, group calling to participate in the call number of users unlimited, internal communication and a wide range of scheduling is the main way of communication, daily work, a person of the same area of the internal communication can be adopted specific team group call call; When crossing the detachment personnel, may dial the specific cross group call number to carry on the large-scale communication. For group call, the system needs to have a better mechanism to ensure that all the group staff a wide range of communication, such as: group calling insert (group calling for is on the phone, the call, if there is user initiated the group automatically to join the group calls), cross base station group call, call to maintain only calling user can remove the () and later into (group after the launch, the set of users registered after automatic call to join the group).

3. Full system call

As the name implies, "system call" is to realize the interphone call of all users in the system, and ensure that "one call for one hundred responses". In the cluster system, the dispatcher or some designated car and hand stations are required to have this highest authority.

4. Emergency call

Emergency call is a call scheduling function given by the system to high-level users. As soon as an emergency call is made, the system immediately frees up the channel for emergency calls to meet the requirements of emergency call establishment. Emergency calls can be applied to individual and group calls.

5. Outside call function

Staff to remove the normal work of the requirements of the wireless communication ability, the demand for house calls, such as local communication also is more, the cluster system features a complete set of clusters should be provided with the telephone communication, the mechanism of port only provides a normal phone telephone line access to the cluster system implementation/wireless automatic switching, wireless cable a dial-up completed, any one party hang up and call the line removed.

6. Scheduling management

The digital cluster system has a special command and dispatching platform. In the command center of the port, the system dispatcher can not only realize all the call functions such as single call, group call and full call on the platform, but also the dispatcher shall have emergency command schemes such as recording of pre-plan, opening channel and group sending of SMS. Open, intuitive and efficient scheduling platform makes cluster communication smoother and more orderly.

7. Analog and digital communication

The newly built digital cluster system needs to communicate with analog terminals, including the establishment of four components: digital cluster system, digital dispatcher, recording system and short message system. In the construction of the main base station of the port cluster, a series of application schemes matching the system operation are developed to ensure the efficient operation of the system.

8. Advantages of digital wireless intercom system

(1) higher spectrum utilization

Digital wireless intercom system adopts 12.5kHz two-slot TDMA addressing mode, that is, it can provide 2 logical channels on 12.5kHz physical channel bandwidth, and the frequency utilization ratio is 4 times of that of analog technology.

(2) comprehensive scheduling functions

PDT digital cluster system has a variety of call modes, such as: single call, group call, temporary group call, emergency call, etc., which can meet the daily requirements of multi-level and multi-unit wireless communication, and can also achieve large-scale command and scheduling in major activities or emergency situations, to ensure smooth communication.

(3) excellent voice quality and anti-interference

PDT standard adopts excellent speech compression coding and error correction technology, which can effectively suppress background noise. It can maximize the voice information lost in the transmission process of complex fading and greatly improve the voice quality and channel anti-interference.

(4) large system capacity

PDT digital cluster system adopts a distributed control architecture, and each base station has an exchange controller. The corresponding system channel capacity can be selected according to the actual number of users, so as to meet the current demand with the most suitable channel capacity.

(5) all-ip networking architecture

PDT digital cluster system based on the IP architecture, the expansion of many accessories, such as: real-time recording subsystem, scheduling subsystem, GPS positioning subsystem, and so on, the full guarantee of the system in the later period of the function, performance has more expansion space.

(6) longer terminal service time

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