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When the visual intercom technology meets the elevator, the entire elevator intercom industry boiling! — Company News
When the visual intercom technology meets the elevator, the entire elevator intercom industry boiling!
JLT IP network visual intercom (IP network, two-way intercom, SIP series) (information display, call, intercom, broadcast, video, audio and video recording) Liuheyi system is based on local area network (cross-network segment cross-routing) transmission technology. It is specially used for the call and intercom between nurses and patients in hospital beds. Can also be Suitable for elevator, nursing home, nursing home, month child center, etc And to other places where care is needed.

JLT, make visible intercom convenient for every elevator

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With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, intelligent high-tech has entered People's Daily life. Intelligent products emerge in an endless stream, and the progress of technology adds many unexpected surprises to the original simple life. As a necessary means of transportation, elevator becomes increasingly intelligent. The realization of wireless intercom and other technologies makes elevator life more possible.



Shenzhen Yi spirittechnology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yi spirit") was founded in 2003, is a company specializing in the production of elevator wireless five parties intercom, elevator wireless visible interphone, IP network video intercom elevator iot products such as the national high-tech enterprises, the company is headquartered in shenzhen, China, with several wireless intercom in product research and development, the mobile terminal development, intelligent household product research and development and production and sales of large modern branches and divisions. Since its establishment, intercom product division has devoted itself to the research and development, production and sales of wireless intercom, visual intercom and other products, and has always adhered to the principle of "practical, reliable, economic and convenient" to facilitate every user and strive to make every product well.


In recent years, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's lives. However, with the convenience brought by science and technology, people's requirements have become higher and higher, and safety issues have been paid more and more attention. As a large modern enterprise, its wireless intercom branch research and development production of elevator wireless intercom (five party telephone system), business wireless intercom and other products, has been widely used in residential areas, commercial buildings, hotels, industrial factories, Banks, hospitals, prisons, government agencies and other units.






The birth of wireless intercom promotes the intelligent elevator life and accelerates the solution of elevator safety problems. The third generation of jlt-d intelligent Chinese elevator wireless intercom system launched by yilv, which adopts intelligent Chinese wireless transmission mode, is widely praised by the market for its features such as super anti-interference, stronger stability, long-distance communication and very bright voice quality. This smart Chinese elevator wireless intercom system, is by the shenzhen yi elves technology co., LTD. Jointly developed by institute of shenzhen university wireless intercom in one of the third generation product of high and new technology, using the DPMR digital + + intelligent wireless chip processing any army building date, users can use the USB line write any property area, the elevator company's advertising information and company name and LOGO, the other a single extension ports can be edited by typing MP3 audio quote number, host screen extension building date can be any type, according to the arbitrary input letter + + Chinese number, The telephone records between the extension and the host can be saved in the TF card and can be viewed at any time, which is convenient for management and greatly improves the property service experience.

Keep consumers tend to be the quality and reputation, and market similar products, easy to science and technology, increasing investment, 2017 in the largest hardware production base in hunan Shao Dong investment of more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, to build their own factory and r&d center, the end of 2018 has developed the first generation of elevator wireless video intercom system and IP network wireless video intercom, favored by the majority of users and agents of the consistent high praise, several provincial agent a sole agency cooperation, make yi elves technology in promoting the elevator iot products has attracted much attention in the world.

Only innovation can ensure the continuous development and expansion of high-tech enterprises. Since the establishment of the yi elves to attach great importance to research and development on technology innovation, the company continuously together are highly educated high-quality talent set up research center, then import the ISO9001 quality system, lean production, JIT, the factory has introduced the advanced production and testing equipment at home and abroad, established a perfect development system, quality system and after-sales service system. In the development of the company, we insist on cooperating with domestic major scientific research and universities, and successfully develop domestic DPMR elevator wireless interphone products and domestic intelligent home terminal products after overcoming numerous technical problems, and obtain national patent. Now the company has: "GuoPhone guofeng", "JLT smart", "JLTEHOME", "smart home E" "tiemao" and other brands, trademarks have been registered in more than 100 countries around the world, products through the CQC, CE, FCC, CCC certification, has been "excellent Chinese brand" "most potential brand" and other awards.

Success cannot be achieved in a day. To become a first-class intelligent high-tech modern enterprise in China and contribute to the construction and development of "smart city, smart community and smart family" in China and the world is inseparable from the excellent corporate culture and modern management that elven has been adhering to for 15 years. Constantly implement the enterprise purpose of "help customers succeed, promote the growth of employees, create social benefits", to show you easy spirit of the down-to-earth, step by step, from the perspective of customers, not only to customer satisfaction, but also to make their own harvest growth. Every employee's excellent quality of "honesty, pragmatism, passion, innovation, dedication and win-win" has also won the praise of the vast market.


After 15 years, the product marketing network has covered the whole country and exported to southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America, South America and other countries and regions. China has successfully cooperated with China mobile, dongfeng nissan, schindler of Switzerland, thyssen of Germany, vanke real estate, wanda group and other well-known enterprises. With leading research and development technology, excellent international quality, perfect customer service system has won the praise of the majority of customers at home and abroad. Let wireless intercom convenience thousands of households, create a world-class smart home brand, easy to let us wait and see the future of the elves!


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