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Unattended - elevator Chinese intelligent wireless intercom system solution large shipment! — Company News
Unattended - elevator Chinese intelligent wireless intercom system solution large shipment!
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Unattended - digital elevator wireless intercom system solution shipped in large quantities

I. requirements of the user

First、the user is a property management unit, now requires to solve the elevator failure, the elevator passengers do not need to dial, can be through intercom to the property center alarm.

2. The equipment required is elevator wireless intercom (cloth free type) product.

3. The products required can be connected to the alarm of elevator through the transfer of wireless host in the case that there is someone on duty or no one on duty; Deal with elevator failure timely.

4. Record every call and call host in the elevator for convenient management and inquiry.

5, ask someone or no one on duty to connect the elevator to call for help and know which elevator is calling. Ask the watch staff to call back the specific elevator at any time.


According to the above requirements, the equipment we provide meets the following conditions:

1, extension does not need to dial, as long as the call button in the elevator can call the management staff.

2. After the extension call, the comfort recording will be played automatically, indicating that the elevator has sent out a distress signal.

3. Automatic voice, coding and Chinese display of the main engine in the duty room to call for help, triple positioning function of elevator position.

4. Each elevator has a unique distress call voice and code.

5. The host machine can dial back any elevator at any time.

6. When no one is on duty in the management center, the host can automatically transfer the distress call to the mobile phone of the management staff.

7. Every time the extension calls the host machine, the host machine automatically records every time it talks with the host machine. The 8G memory card can record 800 hours of voice.

8. The system provides UPS power supply, in case of power failure, it can also play an alarm function;

Third、  Equipment selection:

According to the demand, we recommend jlt-d4000 unattended digital elevator wireless intercom series produced by our company

It is hereby explained that as the state is strict with radio management, the illegal production and use of radio will be controlled by the commission. The state radio management agency or local radio management agency may give warning, seal up or confiscate equipment and illegal income according to specific circumstances. If the circumstances are serious, a fine of not less than 1,000 yuan but not more than 5,000 yuan may also be imposed. So please pay attention to the majority of customers to buy their products are legitimate products. The company's national radio management approval code, production license number: 2011FP0259, please rest assured to use

1、Jlt-d4000 unattended digital elevator wireless intercom product overview: 

Unattended digital elevator wireless intercom is my launch of the sixth generation of intelligent call system, elevator system host and extension USES the digital transmission technology and mobile digital technology, the highest one host can undertake calls and 10000 elevators, the host can make a serial number for each elevator, group call telephone records, inspection, call query, broadcast and query; Can be unattended and manned two states; Wireless extension with 1 to 4 road, meet the distribution of each building elevator, whether one or more extension, connected to the extension of each elevator call when the host has a single recording and separate coding, the host can by voice and coding positioning the elevators call, facilitate the management for the first time know that the elevator is out of order.

Its features are as follows:

1)、call:Elevator passengers can press the "call" button to send a call signal to the duty room.

2)、characteristic:One-button automatic alarm, voice recording call, management center number, voice prompt call location and warning;

3)、advantage:No wiring from the elevator end to the center saves a lot of expensive line costs; Saving the high construction cost of line laying; The position of monitoring center can be adjusted as needed without any line adjustment. The whole system construction is very simple, short construction period, quick effect; Wide coverage of wireless distance, strong anti-interference ability, clear sound quality.

2、JLT-D4000 Unattended digital elevator wireless intercom product category:

1、Manage the host functions of the center

Click on the new window to open the larger image

1. Host functions with menu management

2. The host adopts digital technology and each host can control up to 10,000 elevators

3. Broadcast to all extension with one click (group call)

4. You can call each elevator individually with a simple numeric code, such as(022,032,042)

5. Voice, digital code display - locate each elevator call

6. Customizable groups and channels

7. Automatic inspection function (whether the extension works normally)

8. It has the function of calling, connecting and recording

9. Automatic voice saving function of extension to host and extension to host

10.Can be set up with no one on duty and two states

11.Power failure can work normally

12.Automatic connect function, automatic disconnect function

13.Call waiting function

(Second)、Extension function of elevator room

1.Using digital technology, the extension can connect up to 4 elevators

2.The extension can record up to five recordings, each with its own individual recording

3.One - button automatic voice call to host

4.Automatically receive host calls

5.You can adjust the volume of the call

6.Engineering interface wiring simple, safe and reliable

7.The well can communicate autonomously

8.Power failure can work normally

3、 JLT-D4000 unattended digital elevator wireless intercom system diagram

Click on the new window to open the larger image

4、JLT-D4000 wireless intercom wiring diagram of unattended digital elevator

1)、Line extension wiring diagram

Click on the new window to open the larger image

2)、Wiring diagram of multiplexer

Click on the new window to open the larger image


4、 JLT-D4000 unattended digital elevator wireless intercom product instructions

1)、 Extension call host: in the extension on antenna, after electrify, computer room, capsules, its top and bottom hole, any party to call button can call the host, in the condition of manned host after receiving the extension call can be connected and extension, unattended in the state of the main chance to connect extension call and then automatically transferred to the outside world on the phone, the phone after press pass and extension.

2)、 Main engine calling extension: when someone is on duty, the attendant only needs to input the extension number on the main engine, and then press the "exhale" button to connect the extension and extension. In the unattended state, external calls need to dial the mobile phone number on the host first, then press the prompt to enter the extension number, and then press "#" to end, to connect some extension and extension calls.

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