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Top 10 elevator brands in China in 2016 — Exhibition Expo
Top 10 elevator brands in China in 2016
China's top 10 elevator brands list 2016 is released. The list according to the elevator development history, enterprise scale, manufacturing capacity and sales units, service network, reproduction technology research and development capabilities, enterprise investment, big project orders ability, engineering claims, major safety accidents, customer satisfaction, strategic customers comprehensive standard names, such as an accurate reflection of the development trend in today's elevator industry.

China's top 10 elevator brands list 2016 is released. The list according to the elevator development history, enterprise scale, manufacturing capacity and sales units, service network, reproduction technology research and development capabilities, enterprise investment, big project orders ability, engineering claims, major safety accidents, customer satisfaction, strategic customers comprehensive standard names, such as an accurate reflection of the development trend in today's elevator industry.



In 1987, Shanghai mitsubishi elevator co., ltd. was established as a joint venture by Shanghai electromechanical co., ltd. and mitsubishi electric of Japan. It is the largest elevator manufacturing and sales enterprise in China. At present, Shanghai mitsubishi covers 80 branches across the country, with more than 8,500 employees, more than 600 maintenance sites, and more than 20,000 collaborative installation workers. With a huge service network, the company is actively, professionally and timely providing customers with integrated solutions of seamless connection of sales, installation and maintenance. In 2014, the company upgraded the customer service center again, built a big data platform, combined with remes-iii elevator Internet of things, responded to elevator faults, stranded people and other emergencies quickly, and set up "1+5 logistics sub-center" in China to ensure the agile and sufficient supply of elevator spare parts. in 2016, mitsubishi electric said it successfully developed the fastest elevator in the world with a maximum rising speed of 1,230 meters (73.8 kilometers per hour), and will deliver the 632 meters Shanghai tower, China's tallest building, which will be fully opened this year, in July.


Kone elevator(KONE)

Headquartered in Shanghai, kone elevator broke ground in kunshan factory in 1996 and put into operation in 1998. It has 34 branches, 110 service outlets and more than 3,400 employees in China. At present, kone elevator (kunshan) co., ltd. has increased its capital twice in 2010 and 2015, with a registered capital of 116 million us dollars, becoming the largest production and r&d base of kone group in the world with the strongest r&d strength. Over the past 20 years, kone elevator has established its due position as an international brand with its leading technology, excellent product quality and good service image.

Kone elevator is a pioneer in the development of environmental protection and energy saving products.


Otis (China Olympic group)(OTIS)

Otis elevator is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies. On the technical side, Otis announced at the 2016 China international elevator exhibition that it will build a new 270-meter-high elevator test tower in Shanghai, which is scheduled to be completed and put into use by the end of 2018. since 2014, Otis has been making efforts in the direction of maintenance due to several "accidents" in the Chinese market. 2016 China international elevator exhibition opened in Shanghai. At the meeting, Otis elevator (China) investment co., ltd. announced the official launch of comprehensive maintenance service solutions, including Otis high-speed tay maintenance management system and Otis subway maintenance management system.



As real estate and infrastructure supporting industries, Hitachi elevator access to China's 19 years, always adhere to the concept of "sustainable development", Hitachi elevator in 2014 issued 1200 m/min high-speed elevator technology, constantly breakthrough elevator speed at the same time, Hitachi is to inspect the technical point of view of human-centered, makes every effort to let people move in the city become more comfortable, provide more personalized products and services, and puts forward the HUMAN FRIENDLY concept, in the elevator technology, user experience will be tightly together, In 2016, Hitachi released the world's first "unconscious design" style concept elevator. On the future development direction, Hitachi elevator will continue to focus on the wisdom city development and urban form a complete set of solutions, to embed the big data, intelligent, Internet technologies include product design, research and development, production and service of the whole value chain, connecting coordination between various systems of the nation, realize data sharing and interdisciplinary development and integration, to create new value and service, for the development of Chinese cities and buildings to create a broader space.



Schindler group is a company mainly engaged in the production of high-quality elevators. Founded by Mr. Robert schindler in 1874 in Switzerland and headquartered in beautiful lucerne, schindler group has a history of more than 130 years. Schindler group is the world's largest escalator manufacturer and the world's second largest elevator supplier. At present, schindler group owns more than 90 holding companies in more than 100 countries and regions in the world, and has set up more than 1,000 branches or branches, with an annual turnover of more than 10 billion Swiss francs. Schindler has been committed to providing excellent products and services for Chinese high-rise landmarks, commercial real estate, public transportation, etc. Schindler's world-leading destination floor control system -- PORT technology is gradually accepted by more and more high-end buildings in China by virtue of its proficiency in building transportation solutions and high-tech applications.


Sizi Otis(XIZI OTIS)

Xizi Otis elevator co., LTD. Is an important subsidiary of united technologies corporation in China. Xizi Otis, founded on March 12, 1997, owns two factories in hangzhou and chongqing, a laboratory certified by CNAS and a sales and maintenance network of dozens of branches and hundreds of service stations all over the country. In the golden era of the real estate industry, xizi Otis elevator co., ltd. continues to drive its top 100 real estate customers. It has not only successfully reached strategic cooperation with dozens of top 100 real estate enterprises in China such as vanke group, gemland group and jinke group, but also successfully created a large number of high-quality real estate projects across the country. In the past 2015, xizi Otis won the first batch of "intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises" of hangzhou municipal people's government together with 30 other enterprises by continuously introducing the world leading technology and management of Otis.


Vox elevator (China) (VOLKSLIFT)

Vauxhall elevator (China) co., ltd. has a registered capital of RMB 258 million and a total investment of RMB 460 million. The first and second phase of the company's workshop covers a total area of 225 mu, the test tower is 108 meters high, built 7.0m/s super high speed elevator, product quality and technology research and development capacity of the enterprise has been in the industry's leading level, the annual production capacity can reach 30,000. In 2016, with the completion of the second phase of the plant, the company plans to fully adjust and introduce several advanced automatic production lines within three years to achieve the combination of informatization and automation envisaged by industry 4.0 and realize large-scale customized production. Vox has been pushing for an innovation drive in recent years. In 2015, with the research project of "r&d and industrialization of 8m/s super high-speed elevator", vox team was successfully selected into the second batch of south taihu elite plan of huzhou city in 2015 and was selected into the leading entrepreneurial innovation team, which was the only team from the elevator industry. In order to solve the problem of elevator safety, vauxhall elevator cooperated with the telecommunication department to develop "vauxhall elevator intelligent cloud platform management system". "Develop a new generation of elevator information management network platform through the Internet of things elevator real-time monitoring system, cloud computing mode and Internet platform." Vauxhall elevator has been recognized as the top sino-german joint venture brand in the industry by virtue of its exquisite quality and excellent service, and has become the world's leading supplier of electric elevator.



THYSSENKRUPP elevator belongs to THYSSENKRUPP group, ranking 197th in the fortune global 500 in 2014. Its predecessor was krupp group and THYSSENKRUPP group founded in 1818 and 1876. THYSSENKRUPP was founded in 1999. As the global steel industry struggles, thyssenkrupp is refocusing its investments in its five business segments in an effort to shake off its image as a steel company. Thyssenkrupp's thyssenkrupp elevator group is one of the three major elevator and escalator manufacturers in the world, in the fierce competition in the elevator brand, 2014/15 fiscal year, thyssenkrupp China sales of 2.7 billion euros (us $3.037 billion), up 12.5% from a year earlier, accounting for 6.3% of global sales, compared with 5.8% of the contribution for the last fiscal year increased. "Elevator business accounts for 50% of thyssenkrupp's turnover in China"! At the end of 2015, thyssenkrupp released a new brand image and adopted a unified brand. Obviously, this old enterprise from Germany is undergoing profound adjustment and reform.



Toshiba elevator business in China began in 1995, with two major bases in Shanghai and shenyang as the core, to promote the business development that covers the whole territory of China. In April 2016, Toshiba elevator also launched a new remote monitoring system to further improve elevator safety and operation quality through real-time remote monitoring of elevator operation. In the user experience, Toshiba elevator tosmov-neo technology, based on the unique Toshiba super lithium ion battery "SCiB", even if the elevator power failure, the longest can achieve 30 minutes (the longest in the industry) battery life. Toshiba has a series of elevator products integrating Toshiba's cutting-edge technology, including magnetic levitation guide boots, the world's fastest elevator in the guinness book of records, and double-decker couches with adjustable floor spacing.



Fujita group (fujita co., LTD.) was founded by Mr. Shotaro uyama in 1948. As one of the professional elevator manufacturers, fujita group is a global multinational enterprise engaged in elevator, escalator, moving sidewalk, three-dimensional parking equipment and other space movement systems. In 2003 and 2006, Shanghai fuda elevator research and development co., ltd. and fuda elevator accessories (Shanghai) co., ltd. were established independently, thus forming a three-in-one service pattern with product research and development, manufacturing and supply as the core in China. As a japanese-funded enterprise, fujitas elevator attaches great importance to elevator safety education. In 2016, fujitas elevator held continuous elevator safety knowledge popularization activities in nanjing, langfang and other primary and secondary schools. Last year, fujita elevator co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China resources land in shenzhen, officially launching the strategic docking of the project. Fujita elevator co., ltd. and gome electrical appliances co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, which will provide escalator products support for gome's new physical stores and store renovation projects.

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