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Elevator intercom installation instructions and installation procedures — Common Problem
Elevator intercom installation instructions and installation procedures
The first time to install wireless intercom products, you must carefully look at the instructions

Elevator intercom installation guide

Dear customer:

Thank you for choosing smart elevator wireless intercom products!

In order to enable you to install smoothly and put into normal use as soon as possible, please read the user manual carefully before installation and follow the instructions below for operation.

1. Familiar with products and simulation tests:

After receiving the elevator wireless intercom products of our company, please conduct simulation test first, so as to further familiarize yourself with the system principle and judge the product quality. Please refer to the following instructions for the methods:

1. Place the host in the duty room, and the extension in the machine room or a place more than 50 meters away from the host (such as outdoor).

2. Insert the special antenna of Sprite into the antenna socket of the host and extension respectively and tighten it; Part of the mast must be placed in an open space outside.

3. Connect the UPS power supply to 220V (check the output of UPS power supply should be ≥ 11.9v ~14V) and connect it to the host machine and extension machine.

Turn on the special power switch of Sprite, check the green light of the power indicator, and the green light of the host and extension (the host in intelligent Chinese has the boot screen).

4. Take a control line, take the machine room telephone (or cage phone, auxiliary machine).

Room telephone yellow, green and red three lines into the line of the corresponding color (thrum encase with tape to avoid short circuit, note: if you didn't buy our translators, extension line is with red. Black. Yellow. Green quad, again with us to test or install, just put the line of the green, green line of black, yellow, red pick up red. Subsequently, our company only needs to connect two lines for the machine room phone, yellow line and green red line. If you buy our company's product room phone only has two lines, you only need to connect two lines.

If cage communicator needs to be tested, connect the yellow and green lines corresponding to cage communicator of spritong brand. Insert the control line into the extension plug port;

5. After checking the above information, press the call button of the telephone in the machine room (or release it with one touch of the switch wiring point of the telephone) to make a call.

The voice prompt of "elevator call" of the main opportunity. After hearing "elevator call" for three times, pick up the handle and press the "ok" button to make the call. Test whether the call is normal and the sound quality is clear.

2.Installation line inspection method:

Under normal circumstances, directly install the phone and machine room phone correctly.

In order to avoid the impact on the sound quality caused by the electrification of the original communication system lines of the elevator, it is generally necessary to check the lines before installation. The specific methods are as follows:

1、Machine room telephone line checking:

1.1. If there is a telephone set in the machine room, find the two signal lines of the original telephone set in the machine room (the back of the telephone set in the machine room is usually marked with L and R), disconnect the two lines L and R, and conduct positive and negative measurement on the two signal lines with the voltage range of the multimeter to see if they are live;

1.11Normal if there is no electricity.

1.12In case of live electricity, check the two accompanying cables (all the way to the bottom of the car) :

Check whether there are multiple connections in the middle or other lines in parallel (check the drawing), disconnect the accompanying cable power supply after check (until the two lines are completely independent), and measure without voltage before proceeding to the next step.

2Cage interphone line inspection:

Let the maintenance cooperation come to the car, open the car key panel, remove the original car phone two signal lines, with the multimeter for voltage, short circuit, open circuit test.

2.1Voltage measurement: use the voltage gauge of multimeter to measure whether the two wires are live or not. If they are live, it is necessary to check the accompanying cable lines (method is the same as 1.12).

2.2Short circuit measurement: inform the machine room staff to put the two signal lines of the machine room telephone together. At this time, use the multimeter resistance to measure whether the two cables of the car communicator are on or not. Normally, all the cables should be on. If not, the accompanying cable is broken, or there is a connecting wire in the middle.

2.3Open circuit measurement: allow the machine room staff to disconnect two signal lines, and use the multimeter resistance to measure in the cage, which should be completely disconnected normally (the resistance value is infinite). If it is not completely disconnected, there will be a short circuit in the two boxes of signal lines of the accompanying cables.

Remark: all measurements are subject to 2~3 times.

After the above test is correct, it can be directly connected to the yellow and green line of the car communicator of spritong brand.

3Car call button line check:

3.1Call button voltage measurement: test the two lines of the call button with the voltage level of the multimeter. If it is live, a relay should be installed (see the failure countermeasures table for installation method).

3.2When the call button is pressed down, use the multimeter resistance to measure the two lines of the call button are on. If the call button is not on, it may be defective and need to be replaced.

After the above check is correct, connect the call button wire to the switch contact of the car communicator.

Note: when searching the accompanying cable of the elevator, it can be found according to the Numbers on the two signal lines of the machine room and the car box, saving the time of checking the cable.

Third、Solutions to call problems after installation

1. The elevator is whistling:

1.1The simplest way is to press the following figure, wrap the speaker hole with electric tape, and then use an electric soldering iron or other tools in the corresponding speaker hole position, after a few holes, and then install.


1.2.  If the above can not be solved, observe the position of corresponding microphone hole next to the horn hole, whether there is a file to the elevator panel decoration bar. Make the decoration strip bigger with the file knife, so that the voice of the phone can enter smoothly, prevent the sound of the horn from backflow, and cause the whistle with the microphone:

2、The elevator is sometimes out of order:

If the call is sometimes blocked, please check whether the antenna is straightened and whether the host and extension antennas are installed as shown in the figure below:


Antenna end mast must be placed outside the window, into a vertical 90 degrees, the best effect.

、There is some noise on the line:

3.1 check whether the accompanying cable is in parallel with other lines and not completely disconnected or short-circuited with other places.

3.2 check whether the mast is in the best strong state, and try to change the position for testing.

3.3 if there is only a noise in the car communicator, check whether the position of the smart car communicator matches the size of the smart car communicator completely and evenly. A layer of sealing sponge can be added where the smart car communicator meets the car panel to ensure the best sealing effect. The back of the car can also be sealed with hot melt white glue.

4、Automatic call or long cry:

Solution 1: use a multimeter to measure whether the button is live. If it is, connect the orange wire outside the cage interphone to the positive pole of the live button.

Solution 2: install 12V relay to control the alarm function and call function of live button respectively (relay wiring method is shown in the figure below).

5、The phone rang with electric current:

Generally, the two trailing cables of the elevator are live, and the above inspection methods 2.1 and 1.12 can be used to solve the problem.


6、Call signal interruption:

First, check whether the antenna is connected well, poor contact is prone to signal loss;

Then test whether the UPS power supply is connected to the 220V commercial power supply, and check whether the indicator light of power supply, host or extension is green;

Check whether the power supply is sufficient. If the power supply is insufficient and the signal is easily lost when the signal cannot transmit the required power, it needs to be charged.

7、Low voice:

Check that the volume button is set to maximum;

Check whether the interphone is installed unevenly, whether there is any sound cavity blockage, whether it is well sealed and correct.

8、One-way only:

Check whether the two yellow and green signal lines are connected in the opposite direction. The phenomenon of one-way communication is easy to occur when the signal line is connected in the opposite direction

Note: the above problems can be eliminated by substitution method, check whether other elevators have the same problem or replace the product to verify.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.24 hours national customer service hotline;400-086-8993

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

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