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JLT to answer the frequently asked questions of the elevator call? — Common Problem
JLT to answer the frequently asked questions of the elevator call?
Elevator intercom common problems, solutions!

Problem 1: the main extension cannot answer or call

The main extension cannot answer/call(Press the call key and the host does not respond)   

1、The UPS power of the main extension is not plugged in properly;

2、The main extension antenna is not connected properly;

3、Random code loss between main extensions;

4、Host host code or channel is artificially altered;

Treatment method:

1、Check the power connection of the main extension and restart the power;

2、Check the connection of main extension antenna;

3、Re-align the code;

4、Check the main code channel modification of main extension is consistent;

Problem 2: there is serious sound of electric current

Possible reasons:

1、 Whether the accompanying cable of the elevator is connected with other live lines;

2、Is the accompanying cable connected over the elevator mainboard (because the mainboard voltage and current have a lot of linear changes such as electricity Voltage, current interference, etc.

Processing method:   

1、Grounding as required;

2、Extension 2 connecting line should be connected directly with spare accompanying cable. Please note that the yellow and green wires should not be connected backwards (the yellow wire is the ground wire and the green wire is the signal wire);

Problem 3: the voice calls

Possible reasons:

1、There is no close attachment between the car interphone and the panel, leaving empty cavity;

2、Talk space is too small, the secondary plane in front of a large area of hard wall object reflection.

Processing method:  

Place the intercom in front of the control panel and in the open area of the intercom. Try again. If there is any noise, move the microphone until there is no noise.


Problem 4: the cage phone can't hear the host

Possible reasons:

1、Whether the yellow and green lines of the interphone are connected backwards;

Processing method:   

Check the connection of the interphone or connect the interphone directly to the extension yellow and green line to determine whether it is the problem of the interphone or the main extension.

Problem 6: the voice is low

Possible reasons:

1、 Whether the volume adjustment knob is too small;

2、 The microphone head hole of the cage is not aligned with the through-hole of the panel of the operation box;

3、Whether the accompanying cable from extension to cage is too thin;

Processing method:   

1、 Adjust the volume adjustment knob of the main extension;

2、 Cage phone out with the host whether the voice can be, if it can be cage phone microphone hole is not aligned with the operation box panel through hole sound transmission can not go out;

3、witch to RVVP2x0.75 or 2x1.0 line;


Problem 7: the voice is not clear

Possible reasons:

1、Retarding cable lines are not free

2、There is a problem with the interphone installation

3、Whether the volume of the main extension is adjusted to the best

Processing method:  

1、Check whether the two accompanying cables are independent;

2、Connect the phone directly to the 2-way plug yellow and green line provided by the extension. Try the phone to see if it is clear. If it is not clear, change the phone.

3、Adjust the volume adjustment knob of the extension and the volume of the host (press the function key to find the volume adjustment);


Question 8:The main extension is disconnected

A call on the main extension goes off or a loud noise appears when the main extension presses the receiver:

1、 Antennas are not placed vertically in open Spaces outside

2、The antenna base wire was broken during installation without connecting with the antenna pole

3、Low or unstable power supply

4、The main board of the extension may be damaged by a component

Processing method:   

1、The antenna is placed outdoors towards the host. The problem received by after-sales service is caused by the fact that many customers don't bother to put the main extension outdoors.

2、Measure the on-off of antenna base with multimeter;

3、Test whether the power output DC port is between 12V and 13V with a multimeter;

4、Use the extension that can talk to the host to place the elevator room that can't talk to indicate that the extension is broken.


Problem 9: the host is connected and other intercom sounds come in

Possible reasons:

Radio same-frequency crosstalk;

Processing method:

Host Settings to choose other channels, select other channels after the host needs to re-code with all extension to normal use;


Problem 10: extension calls host automatically

1、Possible reasons:

Short circuit or live in the accompanying cable;

Processing method:     

Use a multimeter to measure whether the accompanying cable of the car under the extension is live or short;

2、Possible reasons:

Engine failure;                    

Processing method:

Change to a normal extension test. If the problem is solved,

the extension is judged to be out of order;

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